Body Builder’s Directives and Supporting Data 2013–17 Model Years – Canter FE/FG Series in PDF format

Body Builder's Information for 2019/20 MY Gas trucks

FE Gas 2019/20 MY After-market PTO (with Revised Chassis Wiring Schematic)

FE Gas 2019/20 MY Body Builder's Directives, chassis-cab drawings excerpt, curb weights

FE Gas 2019/20 MY Fuel Fill Kit Drawing (with grounding strap indication)

FE Gas 2019/20 MY Refrigeration Compressor Mounting Instructions and Wiring Notes

FE Gas 2019/20 MY VIN Decoder

FE Gas 2019/20 MY Rear Underride Protection Bumper Installation Instructions and Drawing

Owner’s Manuals for model years 2005–2017 in PDF format: